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These Were God's People

These Were God's People

These Were God's People

Unless you are thoroughly familiar with this subject, this may

be one of the most important books that you will read in modern

history. This is the tenth title written by Edward in the past

two and a half years, and it is literally the missing link between

the bible and the present.


“Why you may be black & Jewish” is a startling revelation

of a discovery about Black Jews and many of the slaves that

came to the United States from Africa. Dr. Edward Lee Johnson

Sr. spares no pain as he discloses of his many findings

after being exposed to this subject over twenty five years ago

by a White gentleman. To many Blacks and Whites, this book

will be a priceless treasure.


Penetrating, convicting and thought provoking to say the

least, would be the description of this disclosure written by

Johnson. Race and Racism has plagued America like a cancer,

but reading this will help you to see God’s divine plan for

amalgamating the races in order to usher His Body into the

Kingdom Of God. This book is bound to change your life in

one way or another. Read it and share it with a friend.

Price: 14.99

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