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Dr. Edward L. Johnson, Sr.

The Destiny Book Series is a collection of devotional and inspirational books that is designed for all ages and all phases of life. Dr. Edward Lee Johnson Sr. releases passion and power of his writings in 19 formats of the Destiny Family Series. Dr. Johnson has written several other cutting edge titles as well. As a reader, you will be inspired to Maximize your God given potential as you seek to live a Fulfilled Life. The family series books cover over 500 topics of discussions and power challenges that will empower the individual and the entire family.  The Destiny Family Series is co-published by Strang Communications, located in Lake Mary, Florida. This publishing giant has re-brand itself as of 2013 as Charisma Media. It is best known for publishing magazines such as Charisma, Ministry Today and Christian Retailing. Strang has also published several New York Times best-sellers.

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