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H.I.S. New Image Publishing

                                               Partnership Distribution Agreement

                                                                 Destiny Family Series: 19 Titles

Leader’s Guide Cover Price:  $29.95; Discount Price $20

Reader’s Book Cover Price:  $14.95; Discount Price $10

                                                                                  Other Titles

How to Find The Hidden Truth   (Cover Price $17.99; Discount Price $11)

100 Empowerment Relational Tips  (Cover Price $12.99; Discount Price $10)

These Were God’s People  (Cover Price $14.95;  Discount Price $10)

Your Partnership Distribution Agreement discount is an additional 20% off the discounted price.  You can sell the books for any amount you choose up to the price on the cover, and the difference will be yours to keep or to seed back into the ministry.

• As a Distribution Partner, you will also receive a FREE copy of God’s Superior Woman for every five (5) books that you sell that are listed on the New Image Publishing website.  You can sell God’s Superior Woman for any amount up to the cover price, and the revenue will be yours to keep or to seed back into the ministry.

• You will receive 20% of the listed price on books ordered from the website.

When sharing with your clients concerning purchasing books from the website, please inform them to put the initial of your last name and the last four digits of your SSN next to your telephone number.  This will insure that you are credited for sending the customer to the website.

Example:  Edward Johnson 843-330-7807 ext [J6582]


*Please keep in mind that the “book series” are ministry materials that God has given to F.I.C. in order for us to have a broader reach in our community and not about simply selling books. I strongly suggest that you do not participate in this outreach if this is not clearly understood.

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