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Spiritual Gifts Explained

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The purpose of this vivid and lucid essay is to bring clarity to the New Testament teaching of the local assembly as it relates the gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors/teachers and spiritual gifts. It’s time that the body of Christ in the 21 st century aligns itself as close as possible to the teaching of Christ and His apostles. There are far too many ambiguities, schisms, false and erroneous doctrines within the Body of Christ. The bible is clear that Jesus died for His body, but most churches and denominational institutions do not represent the unity and synergy of the body of Christ.

These gifts should function in the earth (kingdom) just like the various branches of the military during a war. They all band together and fight the opposing forces, not each other. This is a concept that is not understood by most church leaders. Our kingdom assignment is to win the lost to Christ, disciple them to maturity in order to rebuild the foundation of the kingdom, which is the family. We can only be effective in empowering the family if we know a “lot” about spiritual warfare.

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