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Good Grief!

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The English word (grief) is rooted in the Latin word (gravare), meaning heavy or weighty. The word grave, which is the final resting place for a deceased person, is also a derivative of the word grief. Heavy is the burden of the soul when it experiences trauma, or the loss of a loved one, separation, chronic illness and any other suffering. I titled this book “Good Grief” because that’s what my experience has taught me. Good grieving has all to do with coming to terms with the fact that the individuals you love is no longer in your life. It doesn’t always mean that they are deceased, but by far this is the worst of time. When you grieve, it’s tantamount to draining your body of the poisonous venom of a snake bite or a scorpion. The most important thing that we must recognize as humans is that our time on earth in this life is limited. When you begin to think about severing ties with someone you really love in any form, it can be emotionally paralyzing. In this book I will teach you the most importing things you need to know when you are grieving. The strength of your emotional constitution will determine just how long your grieving process will last. Prior to picking up this book, I don’t know what resources you may have used to comfort your soul during a tragedy, but I can tell you emphatically that there is no other source in this world that can give you more answers than the Bible.

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