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Marriage Journal:Readers 6x9 Format

Marriage Journal
The Call to a Complete Marriage

Marriage Journal

Marriages have been under attack from the very inception of humanity and as of 2006, more marriages are in serious trouble than at any other time in history. A journey through this journal will empower your relationship with principles that have kept thousands of relationships from falling apart. Communication, money and sex are perhaps the top three reasons why marriages are frustrated or end in divorce. As you begin to explore these and many others, you will begin to discover the completeness that your relationship deserves.

A true marriage has nothing to do with a marriage license. If you do not learn the principles of a good relationship, the license will only serve as a testament in Divorce Court as to how your assets will be divided. If both parties in the relationship are willing to embrace these principles, they will guarantee you a successful marriage. It is unfortunate that our culture teaches us to put more emphasis on the wedding than we do the marriage. We will spend as much as a million dollars on a wedding and zero dollars on pre-marital counseling. This book can make a bad marriage good and a good marriage better.



Marriage Journal:Leaders Guide 8-1/2 x 11Format

The book is also designed to be used for small group mentoring sessions in churches and Para-church organizations. As the couples in your group explore the cutting edge topics, they will impacted by the power of the Holy Spirit to take there rightful places in the home, church and community.
Your journey through this book will enhance your life in the following areas:
• Kingdom Empowerment
• Defining Life
• Finding Identity
• Building Relationships
• Pursuing Your Destiny



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