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100 Empowerment Relational Tips For Everyday Living

Attitude determines altitude, and ‘wisdom determines both’,” says Johnson.

This book was written just for you.

Dr. Johnson is a prolific inspirational writer with a passion to bring healing to the nations.  These “100” relational life-skill tips come from 38 years of business experience and are employed daily in his life.  Johnson’s “Contemporary Proverbs” literally teach how to bridge the gaps between the cultural divide, religious institutions, and our political arena.  Within the “marketplace of ideas,” this book takes you above the fray; it helps you to maintain a healthy attitude about life no matter what circles you travel in.  These tips are the reason why he enjoys such fulfilled relationships with great community leaders.  As a husband and the father of six children, he also passes on to the reader his secretes for cultivating and maintaining happy relationships in the home.  You will be empowered all the more as you apply these common-sense principles to your everyday life.



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