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Featuring: The Family Series

Featuring: The Family Series

Featuring: The Family Series

The Family Series was designed to empower married couples, singles, men, women, teenagers, children and individuals recovering from divorce.

Click the video on your right and listen to bestselling author and Christian leader John Maxwell as he talks about the importance of reading books. His parents actually paid him and his siblings to read when they were children. You will be encouraged and inspired to expand your horizons by exploring the literary work of great writers. 

Destiny, Empowerment & Inspirational Books

By: Dr. Edward L. Johnson, S.R.
Autopsy of Slavery
Hidden+Truth+Front (1)
Marriage Journal
100 Empowerment Tips
These Were God's People
God's Superior Woman
Living Single, Fulfilled and Happy
God's Man
Life After Divorce
Upon This Rock

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