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The Autopsy of Slavery And The Bible

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Slavery is one of the oldest institutions known to man. It has served to help lift many people out of poverty while at the same time subjugating millions to a lifetime of poverty, anguish, and stress. In this most recent riveting book written by Dr. Edward Lee Johnson, it will surely challenge what you have learned about the topic of biblical slavery, God, the Bible, and the most recent history of "Chattel Slavery" practiced in European colonies. The colonists used the Bible (a sacred document) to socially engineer a doctrine (culture) that has permeated the entire world. The principles of this doctrine have absolutely no foundation in the Bible, but because of the influence of this global culture, it has changed the course of human history in the past three centuries. It only takes one generation to lose sight of what the previous generation left on record, and it can alter the way all the succeeding generations function. Using language, political power, and wealth acquired from "Chattel Slavery"-colonial Christians developed a culture that cannot be found in the Bible. With this book, the Holy Spirit will reveal to you the course that He is directing His body, to prepare us for the coming of Christ's Global Kingdom here on earth. Dr. Johnson is the senior pastor of New Vision Cathedral Church located in the town of Lincolnville, South Carolina. He served 6 years in the United States Army, including reserve duty and has traveled across the United States, Mexico, Germany, Israel, England, Korea, Rome, Paris, and other great places of interest. His lifetime achievement is the publishing of the Destiny Family Series, for which he received an honorary doctorate degree.

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