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Starting Over After Divorce:Readers 6x9

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Like death, a divorce generates one of the most devastating emotions that a human can experience. As a result or it, some people never recover. Unfortunately, neither the church nor the community has properly learned how to deal with this experience because we have been made to believe that a divorce is an unpardonable sin. As you explore this book, you will find that nothing can be further from the truth. You will learn that the love of God transcends every sin or mistake you will ever make in this lifetime. God knew that you were going to suffer divorce before you ever got married. What He wants is for you to learn from the mistakes that you have made and go on to find true happiness in this life.

The testimonials and stories in this book will show you how to get over the pain by letting go of your past and pressing forward to reach a level in life that you never thought you could reach. Your very own experience could be the thing that God will use to free you from the snare that was designed to destroy your life.

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